Other Scenarios That Would Require The Help Of A Lawyer

The misconception of having a personal lawyer is that people think that you are dealing with a criminal or civil case. But these legal experts can also help you in other aspects such as:

  • Registration of wills

Yes, you do need a lawyer when processing your last will and testament. The presence of legal experts is a must when you are drafting and authenticating your will. For one, you need expert advice on drafting the contents of your will and whether your probations and stipulations are in accordance to the law.


Second, you need a legal practitioner that can help you on registering your will to the DIFC Wills and Probate Registry. This association is public entity that helps non-Muslims in Dubai to authenticate their wills and ensure that the content will be implement in accordance to your instructions. Not registering your will to the DIFC will make your last will and testament null and void and your properties would be divided in accordance to the jurisdiction laws.


  • Trademark registration

A trademark is an important factor in branding. By registering your trademark, you are making sure that no one will be using your logos and company branding without your permission, especially your competitors.

When drafting your trademark registration in UAE, a legal expert can walk you through the process and ensure that you know the legality of the process you will be going through when registering your trademark. He can also help with drafting the necessary stipulations and providing a list of documents needed to authenticate your trademark for official use.


  • Document attestation

There are countries and jurisdictions, like UAE, that entails non-residents to submit legal documents that would prove their certifications. However, certificates and papers that are not processed in your target jurisdiction will not be considered legal. This is where document attestation comes in. This process refers to having your documents attested and authenticated so it can be legally used. The role of a legal expert on this process is to help you on processing your paper and provide the necessary guidance to clients.


  • Processing Power of Attorney

Giving someone the authority to process papers or do something for you should be done legally. Issuing a special power of attorney to individuals are to be processed and authenticated by a legal authority for it to be honored by any parties or institutions.


  • Contract Drafting

Some clients have a habit of just downloading a generic contract for their business dealings. In reality, this is a bad practice there might be provisions that are not suitable for both parties. A legal expert can help you draft a contract that can meet the requirements of both parties.