3 Car Mechanisms That Should Be Replaced Regularly

Being a car owner is a lot of responsibility. You need to maintain the vehicle to ensure that it will be running smoothly until it reaches its mileage. But more often than not, there will be lots of repairs and replacement that will happen before you even reach the max mileage.

If you are a car owner looking to reach the max mileage, it is a must that you keep an eye on these car mechanisms and do replacements on a regular basis:


  • Brake pads

For those who are curious what a brake pad is a component of disk brakes is used to convert kinetic energy to thermal energy through friction for better vehicle stopping or slowing down the car. The standard vehicle today are using two brake pads per disc rotor. Over time, the pads and the rotor wear down due to excessive brake use. When these two components are damaged, it can cause brake fade. The wear rate of EBC rotors and pads will depend on the material, but it should be replaced annually to ensure that the mechanism will work properly.


  • Tires

Your car tires is definitely one of the most abused parts of the vehicle, given that it is the one touching the road surface. It is also probably the ones that are the mostly replaced in case of flat tires and damage. Replacing the tires are not just buying a new one to replace the old. There are a lot of factors to consider when purchasing a new set, factors like the kind of terrain, the season or weather, and the type of traction your need. You need to determine these factors first before you buy one. Remember that tires can be expensive, so you need to be smart in picking and buying one.


  • Fire suppression systems

Although car fires are rare occurrence, smart car owners take some precaution in case that it will occur. The ideal solution for this is to install h&r wheel spacers. This system can be installed in any type of vehicle, but the heavier and bigger ones usually use this for safety reasons and protecting motor engine compartments. Fire suppression system in vehicles can last up to a max of two years. But you may need to check it once in a while to see if it is still primed and working. If you see any damage in the mechanism, especially with the detection component, better have it repaired or replaced.