Different Birthing Methods For Moms To Choose From

Giving birth to a child is wonderful moment that expectant mothers look forward to. After months of carrying their child, they are going to finally see their little one. But before the actual delivery, mothers need to choose which birthing method is ideal for them. Here are some of the choices:

  • Natural or vaginal delivery

The natural or vaginal delivery is the oldest and most common type of birthing known to mankind. Vaginal birth is done if the mother and fetus is in good condition and the baby is in the right position (cephalic)

Back then, the method of natural birth was primitive in terms of instruments and is done with no epidural which makes it painful for the mothers. Nowadays, vaginal birth is a little more forgiving for mothers since you can have a painless birth through vaginal method. But the labor and delivery can take hours to days, depending on how fast the mother’s cervix will open.

  • C-Section

Caesarian or C-section delivery is the type of birthing method that requirements invasive medical procedure such as surgery. As opposed to vaginal birth, C-section birthing is done by cutting and opening the mother’s womb to get the fetus out of the body. Commonly, C-section births are done if the baby’s position is breach or there are compromises with vaginal birthing.

C-section can take at least an hour or two to do, given that there are no complications. However, the healing time for mothers who will undergo this procedure would take up months since the incision in the womb and abdomen need to heal fully. You may need to employ a couple of babysitters in Dubai to help you take care of your kid while you heal.

  • Water birthing

Water birthing is much similar to vaginal birth. But the difference is, it is done at home and in the birthing tub. In the current method of vaginal birth, mothers are given epidural to lessen the pain they are experiencing. With water birth, there are no epidural given to mothers but the warm water can sooth the pain the birthing mom is feeling. One of the advantages of water birthing is that the buoyancy of the water can help on baby delivery.

  • Hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing is one of the newest method of birthing for mothers. This kind of birthing includes mentally preparing the mother for the pain to make the delivery easy for her. Experts in hypnobirthing in Dubai uses relaxation methods to make child birth gentler and less painful.