Is there any way I can treat insomnia without taking drugs?

People who suffer from a condition which makes it hard for them to fall asleep or maintain their sleep, those who wake up quite frequently during the night or wake up far too early in the morning are basically afflicted with insomnia. However, the treatment of this condition is not merely dependent on drugs. There are certain lifestyle changes that you can make to promote relaxation and sleep. A few of them are:

Cut down on caffeine
People who suffer from insomnia must try to stay away from caffeine religiously! They need to avoid coffee, green and black tea, chocolate cocoa, sodas and everything else that contains caffeine. The reason is simple. Caffeine works as a stimulant and does not allow the brain to relax, thereby making it tough for you to sleep. Fairly speaking, caffeine has enough potency to keep someone awake for a full 20 hours and that really isn’t what you want right?

Have an early dinner
If your eating routine is erratic, then being an insomniac, you need to change it. Try to have an early dinner so as to prepare your body to sleep. Make sure that you do not eat anything too rich or heavy as well.

Night-time exercise
Stress is one of the leading causes of insomnia. Thereby, you can release some of that stress by exercising at night. It would promote blood circulation throughout your body and promote relaxation, due to which your body would be prepared to sleep.

Give up watching TV at night – read instead!
Instead of watching television at night, it is best for insomniacs to read magazines or books. The TV basically instigates attention, which makes it hard for you to sleep. On the other hand, your eyes tend to get tired while reading, which promotes a dull, sleepy feeling.

Create a sleepy environment in your bedroom
Loud noises and light should be kept away from your room as both of these elements trigger wakefulness in the body. Get yourself opaque curtains and use ear plugs so that you can sleep peacefully.

Relax your body
In order to get some sleep at night, you need to try your hand at things that allow your body to relax. Try meditation or yoga so as to promote a sense of calmness throughout your body and mind. Soft music is also very helpful, so listen to it. Light a few scented candles in your bedroom and relax yourself with fragrant oils that aid relaxation and promote a sense of sleepiness.